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Lapiz and R&R Virginia Uniforms has been manufacturing school uniforms and outfitting students for five years. Our innovative approach to the design and implementation of uniform programs has enabled schools throughout Virginia and Puerto Rico to adopt a uniform look that reflects students pride about their school. lapiz and R&RVU established in 2010. Our goal was and will be to establish a service-oriented business based on the timeless values of quality, integrity and fairness. We are proud of our strong foundation, and we are committed to maintain this tradition, while seeking innovative ways to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our Facilities State-of--the-art in-house embroidery and art services allow us to provide logo designs and embroidery for all uniform items. This allows us to minimize the costs and turnaround times generally associated with out-sourcing, and to more efficiently manage our inventory levels. Most importantly, we can work very closely with our embroidery services to ensure the highest level of quality. Our advanced computer hub of mainframes, along with our fully networked building ensures that our On-Line ordering system work harmoniously with our Production, Warehouse, and Shipping Departments---the result being, the timely and efficient delivery of product to our customers. Partners in Community Lapiz and R&RVU has a rich tradition of working closely with students, families, teachers and administrators to provide fundraising support for schools and assistance to students in need. We are committed to maintaining and continuing to develop these important initiatives. This commitment is expressed in class The R&RVU Partnership Program initiative designed to provide various forms of support to improve the quality of student life, and school spirit within our partner schools. Our support includes: 1) Annual Rebate Program Student 2) Scholarships 3) Yearbook Advertising 4) Product donations for Fundraising Initiatives (Raffles, Auctions, Recognition, etc 5)Contributions to Sponsored Events 6)Uniform Assistance Program R&RVU is aware that there may be those in your school community who require some form of assistance with the purchase of uniform items. We believe that no student should be denied the privilege of participating in a uniform program due to a lack of financial resources. That is why R&RVU havecreated "The Uniform Assistance Program."

We will work directly with school administration to devise a system of support that will confidentially meet the specific needs of such students.The school's administration wholly determines which families may require assistance, evaluates the appropriate level of support and notifiesR&RVU's accordingly.

Why Choose R&RVU?

  • Quality All of our products are machine washable. All of our garments are fully researched and tested to ensure they meet our stringent standards of durability and ease of care.
  • Value TheR&RVU's Guarantee ensures that we stand behind the quality of all our products.
  • Service We offer extensive service options that are convenient and hassle-free. We invite you to join generations ofVirginian's and Puerto Ricanswho have relied uponR&RVU with confidence. Our mission is to continually strive to exceed your expectations; we are proud of our heritage, the quality of our products and our incomparable commitment to service.